2 smash hits you might launch thanks to the Internet of Things

We’ve already seen in a previous post why Energy Efficiency business developers should look at the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution and the benefits this technology’s wave will provide to them. Now, let’s delve into 2 ideas, which should help you build the next smash hits in Energy Efficiency.

You might be able to better understand people’s behaviour.
Having “smart and traceable devices that can discern and report how humans interact with them presents an amazing amount of potential.” As an example, it would be easier to foresee people’s habits and adjust energy-consuming devices, such as heaters, in consequence. Of course, this outstanding opportunity is not without its caveats. As an example, “Big Brother” threat is not very far. People maybe may not want to share their personal data without bound. And, questions like data’s ownership may arise as well. After all, to whom does data about your habits and your personal life belong?

You might sell self-repairing devices.
This ability to proactively diagnose, repair, and provide usage information to manufacturers will save them time and trip to fix stuff. Thus, less transport, less devices to change, less energy to consume, and less CO2 emissions. Just one doubt, will manufacturers provide devices that don’t need to be maintained or to be replaced? Planned obsolescence is, indeed, a very profitable device’s feature for firms.

What could you create to use these 2 ideas? What issues could these 2 ideas help you solve? What kind of Energy Efficient services/goods could you sell?

Nonetheless, keep in mind that “there are still quite a few question marks, including political and societal readiness to allow our devices to increasingly report on our activity and whether companies can capture and interpret the massive amounts of data that IoT will generate.”

Knowing that, imagine and share your sustainable and non too intrusive smash hits ideas. 😉


Source: Patrick GRAY, ZDNet


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