5 energy efficiency apps you really want to download

As Rachel England said “there’s an app for everything nowadays, and energy-saving is no exception”. Smart-phones offer a million times the opportunity to save energy and to make your day-to-day behaviour smarter and more environmental friendly.

Here are some of the most interesting apps we have already met. Feel free to share yours here above in the comment section.


My CO2 Calculator

Ever wondered how big your carbon footprint really is? Or how much that nice cuppa is costing the environment? This nifty app, for Android and iPhone , breaks it down for you in straightforward nuggets of wisdom. Simply input your daily activities and voila – the app will tell you how big your footprint is, and provide some helpful hints on ways to bring that number down. You can even share your progress with friends and family on Facebook, for extra incentive!


Standby Energy Cost Calculator

The energy used by appliances when they’re left in standby mode is called ‘vampire energy’, and rightly so, because it sucks the life out of your energy efficiency and your wallet. This Android app helps you understand just how much energy your phone charger, microwave, TV or other appliance is using when it’s on standby, breaking it down into cost savings which could make a massive difference to your bill. Its default setting is for US dollars, so you’ll have to input your tariff charges first.


Alert Me Energy Map

Feeling good about your energy efficiency? Then have a nosey and see how your neighbours compare. Alert Me’s energy consumption mapping iPhone app gives you the low down on how 408 UK boroughs are using and spending energy, providing averages for each area against which you can compare your own figures. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition, eh?



Okay, technically this one isn’t a smartphone app – it’s a Facebook app – but it’s hugely enjoyable because it allows you to get one over on your friends, and all in the name of nature (so it’s okay to gloat). Simply sign in via Facebook, invite your friends to get involved and then do your best to out-do them every month on energy-saving challenges. Best of all, the results are published to your Newsfeed, so the whole world can appreciate your eco-efforts!



éCO2mix is the first mobile version of the streaming information service that is already available on the RTE internet site. It is a new and free application designed for the iPhone, allowing users to see current electricity consumption, as well as the sources of its production in France and the related CO2 emissions. This application is being introduced nearly simultaneously with the production of « Earth Hour, 60 minutes pour la planète *», providing a clear signal of RTE’s intent to provide the public with more awareness in curbing their consumption, particularly during peak hours.

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