Piano Stairs - VOLKSWAGEN

A good example of how to make behavioural change fun

We know that most of the great technical solutions to save energy are often unfortunately disturbed by the actual behaviour of people who use them or manage them. Examples are numerous: BMS, lighting control systems, HVAC automation systems, and so on. What if we asked ocupants in a given building (offices, public transport, industries, and so on) to regulate their own behaviour.

VOLKSWAGEN launched few years ago a contest dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.

As an example a smart way to change behaviours thanks to a fun activity in building escalators is to this:

Piano Stairs - VOLKSWAGEN

VOLKSWAGEN’s initiative

This initiative proves that fun can help people change their habits. However this is clearly just the beginning! Obviously, this is not enough. And in 2-week time, regular users would come back to the escalator and stop using stairs. That’s why these initiatives need to be more deeply designed to allow a continuous involvement of people’s behaviour.

We’ll see soon how to maintain behavioural change dynamically.


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