Welcome to this web magazine dedicated to Energy Efficiency promotion within Europe.

We used to draw the conclusion that mankind has overly exceeded the Earth’s capacities. In fact, since 1890, the world’s population has increased seven fold. Moreover, the energy consumption of each human being is, on average, seven times more today than it was 110 years ago. As a consequence, global energy consumption has been increased fifty fold. We may argue: “and so what?” but three quarters of this consumption is based on fossil sources, such as oil, natural gas and coal. Needless to say that you know of all issues in relation to this: geopolitical tensions, depletion, global warming, and so on.

This situation should be an opportunity to build up challenging technological systems, innovative financial mechanisms, and, therefore, new great business opportunities. Actually, no doubt sharing ideas and aspirations with you through this magazine is the main reason we started it. So let’s here discuss up-and-coming strategies, and practical solutions to massively reduce energy consumptions and to create value for people, firms and local authorities.

Vincent BRYANT

Vincent dedicated his professional life to developing and executing business opportunities in Energy & Carbon Efficiency. Currently working for a 80,000-employee worldwide ESCo (GDF SUEZ Energy Services), he launched this online magazine and offers Energy & Carbon Efficiency experts opportunities to share their views.


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  1. Gemma Moynihan


    I am in my final year of a degree in history and political science at Trinity College, Dublin. In completing a module on Public Policy, I have to write an essay on the policy-making process of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012. Specifically, I will be analysing the role of national politics and the public (lobbyists, NGO’s etc.) in shaping the directive.

    Would you have any information on where I can find further information on this topic? I am having trouble finding much of note, and having come across your helpful website I thought you might! I can not find much information on this, despite the revelations that the UK government was heavily influenced by the fossil fuel lobby in negotiating the policy.

    I imagine you are very busy, but please, if you can, let me know if you can be of assistance.




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