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Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin, London, … What have these cities in common? They all want to become the first smart-cities. However, what do we mean by “Smart-Cities”? Have cities been not smart so far? Which concepts underlie this trendy locution? A smart-city is not only a connected city, where millions of data are crunched to offer new services, but also a resilient, energy and resource efficient and sustainable city. What a great program!

According to Julien DARMON, professor at Sciences Po“a smart city is, in the era of the digital revolution, a city that allows better control of information and urban traffic”. Is that all? Actually, no! “Smart city is a new way of thinking the city, the urban service and the interaction of its various stakeholders (government, residents, businesses).” Urbanisation, increasing complexity of the urban environment, importance of digital data, need to reduce local authorities expenses, Smart City is the place of challenges and opportunities.

To meet the challenges of the city of tomorrow, the smart-city develops urban digital services to make the city more efficient, experiments new public-private collaborations to increase economic benefits, and makes every citizens the co-author of the city they live in.

As presented by the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills, “the concept is not static: there is no absolute definition of a smart city, no end point, but rather a process, or series of steps, by which cities become more “liveable” and resilient and, hence, able to respond quicker to new challenges. Thus, […] it brings together hard infrastructure, social capital including local skills and community institutions, and (digital) technologies to fuel sustainable economic development and provide an attractive environment for all.”

We’ll share soon 5 key aspects to smarter approaches in cities and 10 propositions to help smart-cities arising.

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