Can gaming teach us to save energy?


In this excellent Guardian article I try here to sum up, Dr Paula Owen explains why ‘gamification’ – using fun and games for serious purposes – is quickly becoming the hottest tool in the sustainability toolkit.

What’s ‘gamification’? It’s simply the concept of taking the ideas behind good games design and games mechanics and applying them to non-gaming environments.

Firms are looking to gamification to increase staff productivity; customer loyalty and, of course, bottom-line profitability. There are already many examples of gamification app, such as:

So how has it played out so far? Although it’s early days for the concept of eco-gamification, there are some early, stand-out examples of how the theories have worked in practice to engage staff and citizens in pro-environment habit shifting and behaviour change.

For example, in the United States a start-up software business has been working with utility companies to persuade householders to actively lower their utility bills by pitching them in direct competition with their neighbours. On average they shaved off 2% of every participating household’s energy bills. Translated to a UK scenario, if this was replicated across the country, total bill savings could amount to a cumulative £700 million saving annually.

We could easily imagine that future Operations & Maintenance or Facilities Management or Energy Supply contracts will integrate as a standard these tools to help occupants, consumers and machine operators change their behaviour.

Want to know more?

  • Have a look at this recent report by the global research company Gartner that suggests that gaming with purpose increases user interaction, helps with behavioural change, and stimulates innovative thinking and the generation of new ideas.
  • Or come back soon here. We’ll show a practical example of already implemented gamification in a Facilities Management contract.

Source: The Guardian, GARTNER, Vincent BRYANT


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