Double your sales by implementing solutions strategies

It’s Friday 6pm. And you’re coming back home after a hectic week at your Energy Efficiency solutions company. While traveling in the train, you ask yourself: “why is it so hard to sell my amazing Energy Efficiency products? Why was it easier to sell financial products in my past life?”

Proactive Energy Efficiency entrepreneurs have to face several barriers (some of them have been here detailed in this blog). It’s possible to give  your client deals the best chance for success. To do so, you may want to implement some wise solution strategies.

Answer the following questions to check out if you’re ready to double your revenue:

  • Do your products give pricing signals to end-customers and direct clients (just like this)?
  • Do you secure availability of financing vehicles or develop innovative financing mechanisms (just like this)?
  • Are your products partially or totally based on existing incentives or grants (just like this)?
  • Do you promote voluntary standards or labeling your products are compliant with (just like this)?
  • Do you lobby for (mandatory) codes and standards, for whose your product is the solution of (just like this)?
  • Do you provide tools or mechanisms to educate users on energy consumption (just like this)?

Now having done that, we can ask how the economic crisis makes sell Energy Efficiency harder or easier. But, let’s talk about that in a next post. 🙂


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