#FF #EnergyEfficiency: 10 organisations to follow on Twitter


There are 645,750,000 Twitter users over the World. And about one third of them are active users. Millions of them tweet about Energy on a daily basis, and certainly a significant number of them about Energy Efficiency. Hard to find the right accounts to follow when you want to stay up to date.



If Energy Efficiency does matter for you, here are 10 Twitter Accounts you should follow:

  1. The Energy Collective 
  2. EEIP 
  3. AllianceToSaveEnergy 
  4. Green Tech Media Inc 
  5. EnerNOC 
  6. NOESIS 
  7. Build Up EU
  8. Opower 
  9. NEEP 
  10. Energie 3.0 


These accounts have been chosen not for what they promote, but for their influence in the #EnergyEfficiency Twitter Community and for the quality of their day-to-day contribution.

Feel free to discuss this list and to complete it.




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