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How a company can benefit from ISO 50 001?

We have already talked about ISO 50 001. But how a company can benefit from ISO 50 001? As Ken HAMILTON mentioned in a very good 2011 presentation, ISO 50 001 helps companies in their “Energy objectives and targets for energy performance improvement at relevant functions, levels, processes or facilities within an organization”.

Action plans to meet those targets and objectives include the following:

  • Operating controls and procedures for significant energy uses
  • Measurement, management, and documentation for continuous improvement for energy efficiency
  • Internal audit of progress reported to management based on these measurements.”

According to multiple sources having experienced this approach, the benefits are:

  • Works from large to small organizations across diverse commercial, industrial and public sectors
  • Improves cost savings
  • Helps to achieve energy efficiency & compliance
  • Reduces environmental impact (Carbon,…)
  • Helps to coordinate energy programs (Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Energy Supply)
  • Facilitates external financial incentives (Utility, third party financing, tax benefits amongst others)

Here below is an example of how ISO 50 001 benefited to the Company COSTA.


NQA’s video about ISO 50 001


In this few-minute video clip, COSTA shares how their certification to ISO 50001 has enabled them to win new business, reduce energy consumption, maintain quality and save money for shareholders.


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