How do we use energy at home by Atlantic video

How do we use Energy at home

From gadgets to kitchen appliances to heating, everything have changed at home. Everything is standardized, automated and increasingly energy hungry.

Below, this two-minute video realized by Atlantic video show us what it takes to power an American home and how shifting demographics have influenced energy use since 1980.

Let's see green by Maxwell Haynes

“How do we use Energy at home” by Atlantic video


We don’t forget to thank the great job of Alexis Madrigal the technology editor and Lindsey Testolin in charge of the animation of the video.

Next time, we’ll discuss of why smart homes haven’t taken off yet.

Meanwhile if you want to get to know more:

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One thought on “How do we use Energy at home

  1. Anna

    It’s crazy how much more energy we’re using to power the home today compared to a few decades ago. With people only becoming more and more gadget crazy it’s only going to keep on increasing. In reality it’s completely unsustainable, so if our gadget obsession is going to continue we really need to start being more mindful about the areas where we can save.


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