How Energy Efficiency will create 825 000 new jobs in France


The French SMB association has just edited a market study about green tech employment trends. Getting through 120 job-search websites in one year and gather up to 2,200 job descriptions. If REn-related jobs represent about 60% of collected jobs, EffE-related jobs (in insulation, active systems, and performance O&M) is the more dynamic. Thus, with only 575 new jobs, the number of available jobs doubled in 6 months.

According to several studies carried by NGOs, local authorities, Unions, and Economists, a succeeded Energy Transition should create from 632,000 jobs in 2030 (CNRS-Cned’s Philippe Quirion economists) to 825,000 jobs in 2050 (National Energy Agency “ADEME” and NGO “Negawatt” studies). In both cases, jobs will be mainly concentrated in buildings thermal refurbishment.

If it’s not the case, these figures have to be challenged through a macro-economical study including the loss got from more polluting energies industry. Indeed, if renovating buildings, offering smart solutions, and maintaining more efficiently utilities in manufactories do create new France-based jobs, other industries, such as oil and gas industry, won’t take advantage of the Energy Transition in the same proportion. For some of them which wouldn’t anticipate the trend, it could even destroy a lots of existing jobs. However, it’s the perpetual story of our economy: some industries shrink and others bloom over the time.

Nonetheless, as far as we know and very well said by Pauline MISPOULET, GESEC’s President, « energy transition market doesn’t completely exist yet ». « Clients are aware of the issue, mais quite lost and dubitative. The market is not very dynamic and without any strong signal, there won’t be any Energy Transition. » I guess, saying that, she wanted to highlight the importance of regulation’s role and incentives’. I do think, though, that these markets are as demanding markets as offering markets. And if firms don’t grab this as an opportunity to launch new up-and-coming and sexy products, Energy Transition won’t be there neither. Both regulation incentives and firms’ initiatives are necessary to goal.


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