Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

Make Smart-Grid presentation as easy as pie

The Baden-Württemberg Foundation, which intends to pave the way for cutting-edge research, a variety of training activities and the responsible use of their citizens launched an expedition truck to raise awareness about Smart-Grids through a game. The truck, called “Expedition N”-truck, will be on a year-long tour.

Visitors in the truck can play a multi-player game. Their mission is to reenact the functionality of an intelligent power grid (“Smart Grid”) as a consistent group. They become a kind of “human smart grid” and learn how the energy turn can be achieved by means of intelligent networking of power producers and power consumers.

Enjoy the following 2-minute video, showing the opening day of the “Expedition N”-truck in Stuttgart. A smart way to make hard things more practical for everybody!

Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

Baden-Württemberg Stiftung


The Foundation “invests in three fields in order to achieve their goal: in future-oriented research in order to sustainably secure innovation, economic success and jobs; in excellent education in order to create individual opportunities and enable social participation, and finally, in social responsibility in order to strengthen their community.”


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