Why a local authority would buy your Energy Efficiency solution

Because the issues for local authorities are both environmental and economical, it’s necessary for them not only to create and divide wealth for everyone, but also master the budgets and face the urban sprawl problems, pollution, life quality and mobility issues. To obtain healthy and sustainable growth, managing energy demand and research for innovating and alternative solutions are proven to be central. Thus, any land use project, rehabilitation of buildings, or investment project should require to examine its carbon and energy footprint. Several reasons thereto:

  • Economy: if no one is able to foresee the evolution of the energy prices, one needs to warn against the risk volatility, or against any predictable increase evolution. Indeed, under the European pressure, some EU Member States may not be able to keep its regulated prices in natural gas and electricity much longer. In such circumstances, the increase of prices is not certain; on the other hand, their volatility is assured. Therefore, it appears necessary to get prepared to avoid it by firstly informing ourselves on the purchase conditions and contracts conditions in the long term, and secondly by managing better the necessary quantities, or by reducing the consumptions.
  • Anticipation: just like it is necessary to anticipate a volatility risk, our organizations must be able to reply to tighter regulatory constraints. This can be done by upgrading the existing installations, which asks to have foreseen the necessary resources for doing it.
  • Exemplarity: qualify our territories to be references regarding the respect of sustainable development is an absolute precondition to diffuse its notion and requirements with our fellow citizens. Most local and regional authorities already talk about the subjects through the Agenda 21. Master the energy demand of our infrastructures and installations and pilot its consumption as closely as possible must become an essential component.
  • Citizenship: our territories must not only set an example but also answer the population’s expectations by showing how to fight concretely against climate change. Because, it’s also our duty to inform to ensure that these issues are broadcasted and understood by all.

It’s also our local authorities’ responsibility not to burden our children with a bad understanding of these issues and a lack of anticipation!

Is yours as green as these 6 ones?


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