SCHNEIDER Electric’s 12 propositions to boost the Energy Transition


As seen in a previous post, Energy Transition launch is not a piece of cake. The markets are already here, but there are not blooming yet. Regulation incentives and firms’ initiatives are necessary. SCHNEIDER Electric has just finished to run a virtual experiment within France, called EnerCamp, to boost Energy Transition. Let’s have a look at their results.

This “tour de France” took place on the Internet (through, and websites) and in 6 different cities in France (Grenoble, Angers, Nice, Angoulême, Lyon et Paris, from Mach to May 2013). People and actors attended these events and shared their ideas of what we could boost the Energy Transition. A 12-proposition report, titled “Less consuming, better consuming: how to boost the Energy Transition”, arose from this experiment. SCHNEIDER Electric delivered this report to the Government the 17th of June.
3,000 Internet users and 300 participants participated. SCHNEIDER Electric’s CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, declared “The Enery Transition is in progress. We need to boost it. It’s everybody’s business.This “Less consuming, better consuming Tour de France raised practical propositions to implement, with 4 main leverages: simplification, training, regulation and Government commitment. It’s our firm’s responsibility to help promote and deploy these leverages. Energy Efficiency is a genuine asset for our country in order to create jobs and improve firms’ competitivity.
These are the practical propositions:
1. Make Energy Savings easier to access for users
Proposition n°1: simplify technologies to help users control
Proposition n°2: launch a one-fits-all digital plateform to help consumers manage everything related to Energy Efficiency projects
Proposition n°3: help local authorities implement their Energy Transition roadmap
Proposition n°4: assess public authorities’ calls for bids on a Total cost of owenership basis and remove juridical obstacles
2. Improve consumers’ awaraness and industry’s skills 
Proposition n°5: raise consumer’s awareness through a massive communication campaign
Proposition n°6: make Energy Transition jobs more attractive
Proposition n°7: help firms, and especially SMBs, move to Energy Transition businesses
3. Set up an incitative legal framework
Proposition n°8: make tertiary building’s refurbishment compulsory right away
Proposition n°9: set up a price signal mechanism that awards virtuous behaviours and punish non virtuous ones
4. Exemplarity
Proposition n°10: push 100% of local authorities to doing their Energy Transition roadmap
Proposition n°11: create a strategic Energy Efficiency steering committee for National Authorities
Proposition n°12: manage the Energy Transition as a policy of continuous improvement


We’ll see in a forthcoming post our very practical and 0-declaration-of-intent 10-proposition action plan.


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