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Power Matrix

How SIEMENS uses serious game to raise awareness

We used to talk a lot about gamification and ways to raise awareness. Here is an interesting example. SIEMENS would like to raise awareness and teach people about new forms of energy through a new, fun game called Power Matrix. It’s free, and it’s beautiful even though one thing is missing apparently: it’s all about power generation and nothing about Energy Efficiency.

Starting with a rural territory where your future city is about to develop, the goal is to provide it with a sustainable power supply through a mix of various energy technologies while keeping a budget. The game flows effortlessly through different energy sources and their effects on the community.

Energy Efficiency Investment

Why companies don’t invest in Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Investment


The French Environmental and Energy Ministery (MEDDE) thinks that firms should invest the equivalent of only 8% of their revenues in Energy Efficiency in 2013. This level of investment was very similar the past years. Like we saw lately, Energy Efficiency markets don’t break through. Yet people agree that energy prices should rise and, then, make Energy Efficiency projects more profitable. So why firms don’t invest more in Energy Efficiency in France, and more broadly in Europe?