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EESC Europa

Top 5 Barriers of Energy Efficiency Implementation

EESC Europa

EESC Europa


What are the key issues you have to face with your clients in terms of Energy Efficiency solutions?

According to several surveys done within Europe in 2013, the Top 5 problems of Energy Efficiency projects implementation are:

  1. No money
  2. Too expensive CapEx
  3. Difficulties to prove Energy Savings
  4. Willingness to mobilize for Energy Efficiency projects
  5. Difficulties to find the right expertise at the right time

What are yours?

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Energy Transition @ France

What worries French leaders about the Energy Transition

Energy Transition @ France


The European Climate Foundation asked Harris Interactive to run two studies about how the Energy Transition is perceived by French entrepreneurs and citizens. 1,800 French leaders and citizens answered Harris Interactive’s questions between April and May 2013.

The surveys, conducted by the European Climate Foundation in conjunction with the French Economic, Social Affairs and Environment Council, are the first major opinion polls conducted in France on the issue.

If not comprehensive, this study points out very interesting results. Thus, the findings show that most of inerviewed people believe the energy transition will have a positive long-term impact on the French economy through technological innovation, new markets’ access, firms’ attractiveness and on employment.

Energy Performance Contract

Five biggest barriers to Energy Performance Contracts uptake

This is an invited post with the UK very involved Energy Expert, Viktar ZAITSAU.

Energy Performance Contract


BRE reported that it has been assessed that the market of Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) in The UK is around £180m and that it is not forecasted to grow. It makes me wonder why.

Here is what I think. It is my take on the five biggest barriers to Energy Performance Contracts uptake:


A drop of information can make the difference



A common thought within the Energy sector is that the vast majority of end-customers (B2B, B2C and B2B2C) doesn’t know how much they consume and spend on energy. Surprising? not really. Energy prices used to be quite low historically and, except for energy-intensive companies, they turn to be far from being the first budget item.

However, it clearly gives a clue on how far energy management based decisions are from commonplace. Yet, energy awareness is a key item to understand the initial opportunity,  design a project, and verify whether you’re actually saving energy. Let’s how a drop of good information can help raise some determinant Energy Efficiency barriers.


Double your sales by implementing solutions strategies

It’s Friday 6pm. And you’re coming back home after a hectic week at your Energy Efficiency solutions company. While traveling in the train, you ask yourself: “why is it so hard to sell my amazing Energy Efficiency products? Why was it easier to sell financial products in my past life?”

Proactive Energy Efficiency entrepreneurs have to face several barriers (some of them have been here detailed in this blog). It’s possible to give  your client deals the best chance for success. To do so, you may want to implement some wise solution strategies.


The 5 reasons why Energy Efficiency doesn’t work naturally

Everybody agree that Energy Efficiency is an important matter, and that it’s a priority. However, in practice, it looks as if implementing massive energy savings is much more complex than it seems to be initially. Amongst numerous reasons detailed in the attached document, 5 definitely shape the perception we have about Energy Efficiency. Here they are:

  1. Nobody sends you a cheque when you implement an Energy Conservation Measure! So, you can’t see it in your P&L, you can’t discount it, and you can’t value it in a Business Plan.
  2. It’s physically impossible to prove an energy saving! So, you can’t measure it with a meter.