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Energy Transition @ France

What worries French leaders about the Energy Transition

Energy Transition @ France


The European Climate Foundation asked Harris Interactive to run two studies about how the Energy Transition is perceived by French entrepreneurs and citizens. 1,800 French leaders and citizens answered Harris Interactive’s questions between April and May 2013.

The surveys, conducted by the European Climate Foundation in conjunction with the French Economic, Social Affairs and Environment Council, are the first major opinion polls conducted in France on the issue.

If not comprehensive, this study points out very interesting results. Thus, the findings show that most of inerviewed people believe the energy transition will have a positive long-term impact on the French economy through technological innovation, new markets’ access, firms’ attractiveness and on employment.


SCHNEIDER Electric’s 12 propositions to boost the Energy Transition



As seen in a previous post, Energy Transition launch is not a piece of cake. The markets are already here, but there are not blooming yet. Regulation incentives and firms’ initiatives are necessary. SCHNEIDER Electric has just finished to run a virtual experiment within France, called EnerCamp, to boost Energy Transition. Let’s have a look at their results.

How Energy Efficiency will create 825 000 new jobs in France



The French SMB association has just edited a market study about green tech employment trends. Getting through 120 job-search websites in one year and gather up to 2,200 job descriptions. If REn-related jobs represent about 60% of collected jobs, EffE-related jobs (in insulation, active systems, and performance O&M) is the more dynamic. Thus, with only 575 new jobs, the number of available jobs doubled in 6 months.

According to several studies carried by NGOs, local authorities, Unions, and Economists, a succeeded Energy Transition should create from 632,000 jobs in 2030 (CNRS-Cned’s Philippe Quirion economists) to 825,000 jobs in 2050 (National Energy Agency “ADEME” and NGO “Negawatt” studies). In both cases, jobs will be mainly concentrated in buildings thermal refurbishment.