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15 tips for Energy Efficiency accelerator



Energy Efficiency ventures, and more generally cleantech/greentech ventures, are not bets you will always win. Far from reaching this level of performances, an Energy Efficiency entrepreneur may want to join a first-class incubator, in which she will put the odds in her favour. Alongside, VCs and PEs which invest money in these incubators may want to better significantly better off. So, what are some of the secrets of success of the best incubators? As an entrepreneur, what should you look at before joining an incubator? Here are some answers an expert shares with us.


Double your sales by implementing solutions strategies

It’s Friday 6pm. And you’re coming back home after a hectic week at your Energy Efficiency solutions company. While traveling in the train, you ask yourself: “why is it so hard to sell my amazing Energy Efficiency products? Why was it easier to sell financial products in my past life?”

Proactive Energy Efficiency entrepreneurs have to face several barriers (some of them have been here detailed in this blog). It’s possible to give ¬†your client deals the best chance for success. To do so, you may want to implement some wise solution strategies.