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Master the Energy Efficiency Directive without any headache

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) outlines a framework of measures in order for the EU to reach its 20% energy savings target by 2020 and pave the way for more energy efficiency improvements beyond that date. Now that the Directive has entered into force, Member States must transpose it into national law and implement the many requirements in the legislation before the 2020 deadline. You struggle at seeing clearly into it? The Coalition’s Guidebook for Strong Implementation is here to help.

Energy Efficiency Investment

Why companies don’t invest in Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Investment


The French Environmental and Energy Ministery (MEDDE) thinks that firms should invest the equivalent of only 8% of their revenues in Energy Efficiency in 2013. This level of investment was very similar the past years. Like we saw lately, Energy Efficiency markets don’t break through. Yet people agree that energy prices should rise and, then, make Energy Efficiency projects more profitable. So why firms don’t invest more in Energy Efficiency in France, and more broadly in Europe?


Double your sales by implementing solutions strategies

It’s Friday 6pm. And you’re coming back home after a hectic week at your Energy Efficiency solutions company. While traveling in the train, you ask yourself: “why is it so hard to sell my amazing Energy Efficiency products? Why was it easier to sell financial products in my past life?”

Proactive Energy Efficiency entrepreneurs have to face several barriers (some of them have been here detailed in this blog). It’s possible to give  your client deals the best chance for success. To do so, you may want to implement some wise solution strategies.