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George Monbiot on how the UK outsourced its carbon footprint – animation

How the UK outsourced its carbon footprint

In this very provocative short animation, Guardian columnist George MONBIOT teams up with Leo Murray and green charity PIRC to explain the UK’s ‘carbon omissions’. Officially, UK carbon emissions have been falling for the past decade, but when you count the carbon outsourced to China and other countries, the UK’s emissions have actually gone up by around a fifth. George Monbiot on how the UK outsourced its carbon footprint – animation

click on the picture to watch the 3-minute animation.

We’ll see sooner how carbon offsetting and carbon outsourcing can be very counter-productive to make our economies in UE more competitive.


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Why a local authority would buy your Energy Efficiency solution

Because the issues for local authorities are both environmental and economical, it’s necessary for them not only to create and divide wealth for everyone, but also master the budgets and face the urban sprawl problems, pollution, life quality and mobility issues. To obtain healthy and sustainable growth, managing energy demand and research for innovating and alternative solutions are proven to be central. Thus, any land use project, rehabilitation of buildings, or investment project should require to examine its carbon and energy footprint. Several reasons thereto: