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What are the perspectives of an Integrated Energy Market for Europe

A longstanding debate among European Energy actors is the relevance of an integrated market. Is it worth it? What will be the actual benefits? Is it much cheaper than the alternative of further investment in generation capacity? What should be the rate of investments? Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and local power generation systems wouldn’t make an integrated energy market useless? What about Natural Gas markets?

Here is an initiative lead by SIEMENS, which set up Energy Conference series around the globe. “The first one took place in Belgium, where the panel discussed the importance of an energy market framework that will be critical in sustainable economic growth of the European Union.

Energy Prices

What could energy prices be by 2020 in Europe?

Energy Prices


One of the key variables in an Energy Efficiency project, with the discount rate, is energy prices and their evolution through the time. Quite profitable Energy Efficiency projects have usually a few-year payback time. You may want to choose a not too bad ballpark value in order to make your project secured in the long run. Let’s not read in a crystal ball, but try to understand the main determinants, which influence energy prices.

Smart Metering illustration

By the way, what’s a smart meter?

Smart Metering illustration


Everybody talk about Smart Meters. But practically speaking, what the hell is that? We all see what a meter is. It’s a stuff that measures something, in particular electricity, but not only. However, what’s the difference between Smart Energy and a Smart meter? What makes a meter “smart”? What are the benefits for customers? Why are the traditional meters being replaced with smart meters?

A smart meter is a digital electric meter often equipped with wireless communications technology. This allows Consumers Energy to communicate with smart meters remotely so that certain service requests can be completed faster, such as meter reading, service connections and outage notifications.