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How do we use energy at home by Atlantic video

How do we use Energy at home

From gadgets to kitchen appliances to heating, everything have changed at home. Everything is standardized, automated and increasingly energy hungry.

Below, this two-minute video realized by Atlantic video show us what it takes to power an American home and how shifting demographics have influenced energy use since 1980.

Let's see green by Maxwell Haynes

“How do we use Energy at home” by Atlantic video


We don’t forget to thank the great job of Alexis Madrigal the technology editor and Lindsey Testolin in charge of the animation of the video.

Next time, we’ll discuss of why smart homes haven’t taken off yet.


13 startups Electrical Manufacturers should hate soon



We are in 2018 and some of the biggest electrical equipments and Building Management Systems firms had burst, leaving the room to very young blooming startups, for some of them created less than 5 year ago. Would you want to work for one of these unfortunate big formerly top-in-the-class firms? You want to turn around and not stay on the side of the road?

Delve into the Non Intrusive Appliances Load Monitoring area. As seen in a previous post, NIALM technologies are processes for desegregating power and deducing what appliances are used in a building through a single metering point. Look at these up-and-coming startups. We should talk a lot about them very soon:


What if you could breakdown electricity consumption with one meter only


What if it was possible to get the power consumption breakdown by electricity usage of a building, based on a single sensor? What if all submetering systems became obsolete because of one signal processing technology? Today, this comes true thanks to NIALM (Non Intrusive Appliances Load Monitoring) technologies.

NIALM technologies are processes for desagregating power and deducing what appliances are used in a building through a single metering point.

Power Matrix

How SIEMENS uses serious game to raise awareness

We used to talk a lot about gamification and ways to raise awareness. Here is an interesting example. SIEMENS would like to raise awareness and teach people about new forms of energy through a new, fun game called Power Matrix. It’s free, and it’s beautiful even though one thing is missing apparently: it’s all about power generation and nothing about Energy Efficiency.

Starting with a rural territory where your future city is about to develop, the goal is to provide it with a sustainable power supply through a mix of various energy technologies while keeping a budget. The game flows effortlessly through different energy sources and their effects on the community.