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5 energy efficiency apps you really want to download

As Rachel England said “there’s an app for everything nowadays, and energy-saving is no exception”. Smart-phones offer a million times the opportunity to save energy and to make your day-to-day behaviour smarter and more environmental friendly.

Here are some of the most interesting apps we have already met. Feel free to share yours here above in the comment section.


My CO2 Calculator


By the way, what’s a smart-city?



Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin, London, … What have these cities in common? They all want to become the first smart-cities. However, what do we mean by “Smart-Cities”? Have cities been not smart so far? Which concepts underlie this trendy locution? A smart-city is not only a connected city, where millions of data are crunched to offer new services, but also a resilient, energy and resource efficient and sustainable city. What a great program!