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Make your customers more confident while implementing Energy Efficiency solutions

Robert D Hamilton


There is a natural and human tendency that leads to not change a statu quo: ‘the change aversion’. This lies into your customers’ relationships as well. That’s often the first answer Energy Efficiency services suppliers declare while asking them why their clients don’t want to invest into Energy Efficiency projects.

In order to avoid, or at least mitigate, this syndrome, just make some educational tools to convince clients that your solutions will provide them (and especially users) more comfort, more practicality, more fun!

Alex LASKEY's presentation of behavioural science

How behavioural science can lower your energy bill

Alex LASKEY, one of the OPOWER‘s founders, gave a great TED presentation about how behaviour changes can help us save energy. This is another great example how to make Energy Efficiency sexy. Here is the 8-min video and his speech I tried to wrap up.

Alex LASKEY's presentation of behavioural science

TED: click on the image

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