The 9 things Utilities should worry about most


The brilliant Jesse BERST gathered, from dozens of utility professionals, multiple problems they are grappling with.

Here are the nine worries Jesse heard most often. Based on US Utilities feedback, we can easily extend most of these observations to European Utilities as well.


  1. Policy pressure to be more reliable and resilient. Many countries want Utilities to improve their resilience to external threats.
  2. Aging infrastructure. Much of their equipment is beyond its design life. How an they improve it without increase energy prices?
  3. Flat load growth. How can they keep their shareholders happy? And how can they pay for expansion and upgrades?
  4. Fuel switching. Utilities are looking hard at switching fuels and this is an extremely complex decision.
  5. Distributed energy resources. Distributed technologies (rooftop solar, storage, and so on) are florishing. How can they manage this?
  6. IT/OT integration. How do they smoothly integrate two silos (IT and OT) that have been separated for decades?
  7. More value from smart grid investments Regulators want Utilities to prove that smart grid investments are creating value. How can they do it?
  8. Big Data Management Most Utilities think data analytics is one key to unlocking value. But where should they start? And how can they afford it? Can they send customer data to cloud-based systems?
  9. Advanced distribution management system Can they afford the price and the necessary outage of an advanced distribution management system upgrade?


Get to know more: Jesse BERST is the founder and Chief Analyst of SGN and Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, an industry coalition.


Sources: original Jesse BERST’s article @ Smart Grid


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