Train your sales teams with diverting content

One very efficient way to attract your potential client’s attention is to be closed to her concerns. For some of them, worldwide Energy and Climate issues, and the way they can help improve through their firm, is an important topic.¬†As a consequence, your sales teams need to know the main figures and facts related to these issues.

Moreover, even for a priori non-interested potential client’s, Energy and Climate insights are a useful tool to introduce a sales meeting. Indeed, nobody will refuse to talk about climate change or energy depletion!

Lots of proactive Energy Efficiency firms used to train their sales team, raise their awareness and fine tune their sales speech thanks to appropriate tools. One of the most effective ones are video clips. Enjoy this good 30-minute video clip (in English, in French).


There’s no tomorrow


This quick journey through the subjects of oil formation, peak oil, energy, economic growth, and resource depletion condense several years of reading and research into little over half an hour. Very efficient!

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Source: IncubatePictures, AngryAnimator


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