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What are the perspectives of an Integrated Energy Market for Europe

A longstanding debate among European Energy actors is the relevance of an integrated market. Is it worth it? What will be the actual benefits? Is it much cheaper than the alternative of further investment in generation capacity? What should be the rate of investments? Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and local power generation systems wouldn’t make an integrated energy market useless? What about Natural Gas markets?

Here is an initiative lead by SIEMENS, which set up Energy Conference series around the globe. “The first one took place in Belgium, where the panel discussed the importance of an energy market framework that will be critical in sustainable economic growth of the European Union.

Panelists from WEC, SIEMENS, ENEL, GDF SUEZ, EURELECTRIC, and European Commission share their views. Interesting to see where they agree and they don’t. Watch this 7-minute video now to hear the details of their discussion.

SIEMENS The Energy Collective

There’s no tomorrow

“Up for discussion by the panel was Europe’s ambitious goals toward developing a sustainable energy system. While Europe is playing a pioneering role in this area there are increasing concerns that the EU is endangering its competitiveness with these plans. In most cases the panelists were in-line with each other’s views on the next steps, including the political will of the Union to make the necessary changes and the security needed to protect the supply to the EU, as a whole.”


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