What if you could breakdown electricity consumption with one meter only


What if it was possible to get the power consumption breakdown by electricity usage of a building, based on a single sensor? What if all submetering systems became obsolete because of one signal processing technology? Today, this comes true thanks to NIALM (Non Intrusive Appliances Load Monitoring) technologies.

NIALM technologies are processes for desagregating power and deducing what appliances are used in a building through a single metering point.

Feedback to consumers with regards to their energy consumption has several facets. The information must be adjusted to the consumer’s current situation and needs and does also depend on the personal learning curve. Consumers are very enthusiastic at the beginning with regards to energy displays and want instant feedback in order to quickly understand how and where the energy flows. However, consumers need to be motivated and specifically tied to the topic of energy efficiency in course of the project. NIALM can play an important role during this challenging phase and in the future of advanced energy efficiency projects.

20 years after the first scientific article by Leslie K. Norford, Steven B. Leeb (MIT), several startups in the US, in Europe and in China got very encouraging results from this up-and-coming technology.

Want to know more?

Soon, I’ll share with you about 10 innovative NIALM startups.


Sources: IEA, Vincent BRYANT


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