Green Deal Mark

By the way, what’s the British Green Deal?

The United Kingdom has set itself the target of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Within this context, the UK will have 85% of its current housing stock in 2050. Emissions from buildings account for “43% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions”.

Willing to fight these issues, the UK government has launched a scheme, called the Green Deal, with the aim of helping households increase the energy efficiency of their homes. “Under this scheme, 14 millions homes could be fitted with insulation and other energy-saving measures”. Thanks to this scheme, the UK Government is expecting to create 65,000 new jobs across the supply chain.

You want to understand how this scheme works? Please, have a look at this very educational 2-minute video clip.

Green Deal Mark

Green Deal

With financial and political government support and a large potential market of customers, there are a range of opportunities for companies in the supply chain of the Green Deal. For instance, the scheme will require advisors, installers, efficient materials suppliers and Renewable Energies integrators.

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Source: The European Energy Centre,


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